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Jessica + Will

This intimate rainy Autumn wedding in southern Illinois was full of love and history.

When Jessica and I first spoke about why they chose this venue, I learned that some of the land that is now known as Camp Aramoni, was in the couples family in the past. We walked amongst 150-year-old buildings and stone as we explored some beautiful locations while Jessica + Will got to recall the many happy memories they've shared here together.

They chose to have only a handful of people present which really helped me get to know them more personally. After exchanging their rings, they had me along for their own little adventure and I couldn't help but be enveloped in it, feeling as if we were all just old friends, reminiscing together. Though we got muddy and soaked, it didn't matter. It felt like we were all in our element.

It was an amazing time...

....wrapped up in the vivid colors of fall... the way they perfectly complimented the rustic architecture and decor.. the smiles... and that natural flow between two people who have loved each other for a long time. Something so energetic and special about it. An honor to be around it.

I hope that while looking at these photos, you can feel some of that too.

With warmth,


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